Western Stairlifts

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Western Stairlifts

Web Designs

Since this is a text-heavy website that offers much-needed information to its visitors and clients, we decided to focus on that. We built Western Stairlifts’s website with the Avada theme for WordPress, and used it to create a small thumbnail gallery of products for each of its pages.

Its color scheme is predominantly white with only red and blue accents, so it doesn’t detract from the amount of text. We gave this site a no-nonsense look, because it tackles a sensitive matter with its clients (physical disability and mobility issues). It also contains several standalone pages, in that each page is populated with a different product line under the compay’s distribution. However, we  used animated effects for some sections, like the company partners and certain product shots, just to ensure that the whole website’s functionality isn’t rooted in stoicism.

About Our Client:
Western Stairlifts manufactures stairlifts for customers suffering from mobility issues, as well as customers dealing with the physical effects of old age. Under their company, they also distribute and sell other ADA-compliant product lines for personal mobility and accessibility.

Launch Project:

Personal mobility & accessibility equipment

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