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Senior Grad Trips

Web Designs

‘Busily organized’ is how we’d like to describe how we designed the website for Senior Grad Trips. For starters, it’s packed with information on the company’s travel services, so we made sure that all the necessary info is properly sectioned, and easy to read and find amongst the pages.

At the same time, it’s geared towards travel-loving senior high students. Nothing gets people itching to travel faster than photos and videos of beautiful travel destinations, so we placed plenty of those all throughout the site. In fact, we placed large photos of the company’s most attractive destinations, including Cancun, Nassau Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, Disneyland, and Waikiki Beach, in the home page’s beautifully animated scrolling header.

There are also several photos from previous travels, plus  video and written testimonials from our previous clients. We believe these will encourage visitors to return and sign up for the company’s services.

To help increase the company’s qualified leads, we placed an email newsletter sign-up form right below the home page’s header. This way, first-time or interested visitors can quickly sign up for free company updates, before they get a chance to change their minds.

Every page contains the Main Menu, a contact form, contact details, newsletter sign-up form, social media links, customer service chat pop-up, and footer content (contact details, social media icons,  Campus Reps section, and an About Us teaser). These help make the site easier to browse in from any page.

The entire website’s look is fun, young, fresh, and vibrant, yet still professional. We used a palette of mostly white, light blues and greens, all of which are enhanced by orange and navy blue accents.

About Our Client:
Senior Grad Trips is a travel service company that specializes in organizing, expediting, and managing luxury tours for students graduating from high school.

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