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Pacific Office Solutions

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The overall look we created for the Pacific Office Solutions website reflects its environmentalist philosophy. With a predominantly green palette and leaf motif in the extra-large animated header, it immediately conveys a sense of tranquility, nature, and eco-friendliness.

We placed the customer login fields at the center area above the company logo in th eheader, so registered members can easily access their respective accounts. This login section leads to the EPIC Business Essentials order point.

Underneath the header, you’ll find logos of the company’s partners followed by white silhouette icons indicating the company’s USP and services. There is also a smaller animated slider featuring a brief background of the company and a staff photo. We also included a testimonial section, and finally, the footer in which you’ll see their social media links, contact form, and contact details.

Accessing the contact form takes you to another page. There you can send the company a unique email, which hinges on selecting any area in that page from where you can create and send a message.

This website is minimalist in sensibilities, with each section cleanly delineated by blocks of green and gray.

About Our Client:
Pacific Office Solutions specializes in providing eco-friendly office and janitorial supplies for business establishments.

Launch Project:

Office supply

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