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Live Well Finish Strong

Web Designs

What We Designed:
Professional fitness trainer and performance coach Bree Lambert’s official website calls for a dynamic and engaging design. So for the Live Well Finish Strong website, we used the WordPress Impreza retina responsive theme, specifically designed for portfolio and e-commerce websites.

Built on WordPress 4.4.5, this website features plenty of content, specifically photos, video, and a blog. We made sure that there was plenty of visual space in a grid-type layout, to keep the entire site from becoming cluttered.

The home page features the following elements:

  • Social media icons
  • Logo
  • Main menu with dropdown items
  • Large animated image header
  • Three animated image thumbnails with brief descriptions and links to the services, blog, and about pages
  • Logos and links to the client’s sponsors/partners
  • Footer with social media links, email, quick links, partners, and newsletter sign up, as well as a link to a published article on the client

The social media icons, dropdown menu, partners, and footer are constant elements across all the other pages in the site. The rest of the pages are executed in a minimalist fashion, so the client can keep adding more content to the site while keeping it well organized.

We used an orange, light grey, and predominantly white color scheme to suggest a healthy and active lifestyle.

About Our Client:
Bree Lambert is an established fitness trainer and performance coach. She offers a wide range of personal fitness training and nutritional services that range from functional training to pre-marathon coaching.

Launch Project:

Fitness and health

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