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Lifetime Getaways

Web Designs

What We Designed:
A sense of tranquility is what we wanted to convey when we designed the Lifetime Getaways website. Atop the header we placed the company’s contact details, links to the About and Contact Page, with the logo in the center and the floating main menu directly underneath it.

The scrolling header features beautiful sceneries from tourist spots around the world, and inspirational quotes on travel. Beneath it we placed a four-column section that highlights the steps on organizing a trip with the company, plus a gallery of scenic photos, a list of customer benefits, and a button inviting the visitor to sign up today.

We also included an array of company logos to feature Lifetime Getaways’ partners, and another bulleted list of the services and packages that the company offers.

The two-column footer displays the company’s affiliation and mission statement, and links to their How It Works, Resources, and Contact Page. Using a clean and minimalist magazine layout, we were able to pack plenty of content on the pages without making it look cluttered. We also used a palette of white, light gray, and dark blue to give the site a relaxing look and feel, the same kind of ambience that you get when you’re on vacation.

About Our Client:
Lifetime Getaways is a travel agency that offers personalized packages and services to clients who are looking for premium tours. Included in their repertoire are VIP hotel restaurant reservations, private guided tours, exclusive cultural tours, VIP access to popular venues, flexible itineraries, and limited complimentary travel package upgrades.

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