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JMorgan Heat Steam LLC

Web Designs

We wanted JM Heat and Steam’s website to make a strong impression on its visitors, conveying professionalism and reliability. So we used large sections and typography to give it a bold look, plus color blocks in blue, light gray, and black. It’s a very masculine design that will assure prospective customers about what the company can offer.

For this site we used the Assets WordPress theme, which is a highly customizable and mobile-responsive theme that uses jtouch-support Query sliders to highlight important content. It’s built on WordPress 4.6.1.

This is a one-page website whose sections are clearly delineated by varying blocks of color and layouts. The content is straight-to-the-point, with short paragraphs and bulleted items for quick reading. And to make it easier to browse, each Main Menu item is linked to every section. For example, if you click on ‘Features’ in the Main Menu, the page will automatically scroll down to the Features section, so you won’t have to. All contact details, social media links, and Main Menu items are located at the top and bottom of the page, making the rest of the site accessible from either end.

About Our Client:
Morgan Heat and Steam is a Texas-based provider of boiler parts, maintenance, repair, and other related services. To date, they have steadily serviced medium-sized companies, particularly medical, educational, and factory establishments.

Launch Project:

Boiler repair and supply

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