EPIC Regional Meetings

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EPIC Regional Meetings

Web Designs

What We Designed:
The EPIC Regional Meetings website focuses on business education events for 2016, such as seminars, networking get-togethers, symposia, and more. These events are exclusive to EPIC Business Essentials dealers, salespersons, sales managers, and owners.

We wanted this website to mirror the company’s dynamism. It was also meant to be a welcoming hub for interested registrants. So for starters, we used a palette of dark blue, light blue, light grey, and white to convey an atmosphere of professionalism and activity.

This design was custom-built using the Drag-and-Drop Builder for WordPress and the Event Management mobile-responsive theme.

The home page features a large animated image header that displays details and photos of this year’s events, plus links for registration. We also included intersting icons that change color with mouse hover, describing what the company is about. And underneath that are photo thumbnails of each event’s venue, with links leading to the registration page. Each thumbnail also allows visitors to Like it via a heart button.

The other pages (Topics, Vendor Registration, FAO, and Dealer Registration) are relatively minimalist in design, with simple text on a white background, and a narrow image header. Contact details and the main menu, however, are present in all pages.

Overall, we wanted this website to be simple and organized so the client can easily add more events as they arise, without compromising the design’s integrity.

About Our Client:
EPIC Business Essentials is an independent stationers cooperative that provides office products on a community level. Working under a ‘buy local’ philosophy, they seek to strengthen their market’s economy with locally sourced and manufactured products. Their website EPIC Regional Meetings is a roster of their official events held around the US.

Launch Project:

Office products

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