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Boyfriend Cleanz

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What We Designed:
For the Boyfriend Cleanz website, we implemented a clean and modern WordPress theme. We used sleek sans serif typography for the main text to give the site an even more sophisticated, urban feel, but at the same time softened the overall look with a muted gray, maroon, and peach palette to appeal to its feminine audience.

Made with jQuery and WooCommerce, this website is built to feature several content areas such as articles, blog posts, user contributions, music playlist, and mailing community.

Atop the scrolling image header is the logo, dropdown menu, search field, and another menu that opens to the Recent Posts list in the sidebar. Beneath it we placed images and links to the site’s three main offerings to their community: Break-Over, Cleanz, and Listen Up.  There is also a sponsored section that allows visitors to interact with other members, a tiled display of the most recent articles, and a Join Our Community button.

At the right margin is a floating arrow that takes you back to the top from any point in the page.

This site encourages interaction from its visitors, so it contains several links for content submission, signing up for the community, a music playlist, links to related blogs, and an opportunity to send a care package to other members. Because of this, we designed the layout to be clean, elegant, yet warm, to make it easy to navigate and stay in.

About Our Client:
Boyfriend Cleanz is an interactive community that encourages women to heal from romantic breakups. It features several articles, sharing activities, music, and group support, as well as blogs that center on healing, self-love, and positivity.

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