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Aero Flight Services

Web Designs

What We Designed:
For the Aero Flight Capital Services website design, we used a responsive one-page business theme that features Revolution 5.1, a mobile-friendly plugin for WordPress with a comfortable drag-and-drop interface. It beautifully displays all main highlights of Aero Flight Capital Services: company description, photo gallery, contact section with quote button, team description, and quote form.

The website opens with a strong statement: a vintage-type aircraft directly facing the viewer, so it looks like it’s welcoming the visitor with open arms — or in this case, wings. A starry night sky serves as the backdrop, creating a powerful impression with just a hint of mystery.

Its simple layout makes it a perfect platform for the futuristic 1950’s American aviation-inspired graphics, with a bold color scheme in dark blue with red and white accents. A minimalist menu just below the main section takes the visitor directly to the sections they wish to view, if they wish to visit only certain parts of the website.

Company information and gallery are set against a minimalist white background, cleanly delineated into separate successive sections to maintain a professional look. The gallery also displays six key photos of the aircraft, each of which can be enlarged when you click on them.

To enhance the visual effect pertaining to flight, parallax scrolling is used so the quote form section appears as if it’s floating in mid-air.

About Our Client:
Aero Flight Capital Services is a Florida-based flight service that caters to your business and leisure travel needs. Offering safe and specialized services, Aero Flight Capital provides various flight packages that you can choose from, so you can experience seeing the rest of the world in style.

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