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IT Services We Provide

Whether you need assistance with one specific element of your business or a full outsourced solution, we provide access to a full range of IT services to manage your communication, collaboration and security.

  • VOIP
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • Cloud Services
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Security
    • Cloud Server Back-Up
    • Cloud Server Hosting
    • Cloud Software as a Service (SAAS)
    • Cloud Disaster Recovery
    • Private Cloud Services
  • Office – 365
  • SharePoint Deployment and Customization
  • Microsoft CRM Deployment and Customization
  • Server Vulnerability Testing

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IT Services

IT is an integral part of every organization. Today’s connected world requires more devices, software and expertise than ever before. This requires an investment that many small businesses struggle with; however, failure to do so will leave you lagging behind your larger peers. According to Forbes, 43% of IT executives expect to increase their spending this year.

Even if cash is tight, investing in IT services makes sense. As technology progresses and platforms become more robust, more and more can be virtualized and automated, reducing overall costs and improving efficiency.

Now, where is the bulk of this spending directed? Not to new employees or hardware within the organization, but to outside service providers.

There’s a very important reason for this.

Technology evolves rapidly. The best software, services and equipment for the task today may be obsolete in 6 months. This poses a problem for companies trying to maintain their own internal equipment and keep employees up to date. The benefits gained from this technology may be lost by the cost of a never ending upgrade cycle.

This is the problem that managed IT service providers solve. You gain access to the benefits of this technology without the fixed cost of maintaining and upgrading it.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services allow you to grow as you go. Unlike traditional IT infrastructure, there’s typically minimal investment up front. There’s no need to invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment when you can pay for what you need now and expand later as necessary.

For many small to mid-size businesses, it simply isn’t cost effective to invest in the personnel and equipment necessary to stay current and connected in today’s digital world.

Furthermore, even the most experienced IT professional doesn’t have the broad range of experience necessary to implement and manage the ever-expanding landscape of technology. Even those that specialize in one field often have difficulty keeping up with the constant changes in their own area of expertise.

The services we provide are the solution to this challenge. Our scale provides us with access to the top talent across multiple technology disciplines as well as the latest hardware and software at discounted rates.

Experience the power of enterprise-class IT with functionality and pricing designed for small and mid-size businesses.

When you trust Locus Visual Arts to manage your IT services, you can focus on what you do best – running your business – without worrying about the underlying technology.

Quite simply when you work with us, we do the work that lets you get your work done.

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